Are there other universes out there?

This may seem like a strange question or maybe you have already wondered about it yourself.

How would you respond if someone asked you this question? How would you respond if someone made the claim that there truly are other universes?

Before I directly address the question, I want to share some very important background as to why this question has even arisen.

Over the years, scientists have discovered numerous features of the world in which we live that are very precisely tuned. What do I mean by this? What I mean is that if the details of these features were slightly different, life would not be possible.

Let me give a simple example from another realm before diving into anything too technical. I frequently give PowerPoint presentations during my speaking engagements. In order for this to be successful, there are a number of factors that have to be “just right”. For instance, we need…

    • chairs set up in the room facing the right direction.
    • a screen or wall to project onto.
    • a projector placed at just the right distance from the screen or wall.
    • a functional laptop with PowerPoint installed.
    • the actual PowerPoint presentation designed and loaded onto the laptop.
    • power supplied to both the projector and laptop.
    • a remote control unit to advance the slides.

This list could actually be much greater if we went into further detail regarding the electronic components within the laptop and projector that have to be designed just right and assembled the right way to function. We could also look at all that needs to happen to get electricity to the location where I am speaking (e.g. the power plant, electrical lines, transformer stations, etc.).


Similarly, there are many factors in our universe, that if they were not right where they are… you wouldn’t be alive to be reading this.

    • Ratio of electron to proton mass
    • Color & mass of the sun
    • Mass of the moon distance from the Earth
    • Earth’s gravitational field
    • Tilt of the Earth
    • Oxygen/nitrogen ratio

As I share in our DVD “Creation vs. Evolution: The Case from Science”, some of these factors are so finely tuned, that if they are off even an unbelievably minute amount, life would not be possible. Just looking at two of these factors in particular (the gravitational constant and the cosmological constant) scientists have calculated the chances of just these factors turning out right “by accident” – meaning no God, no purpose, no design, just a completely naturalistic explanation. They tell us that those chances would be one chance in one hundred million trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion! Kind of a big number, wouldn’t you say?


Now, do we really think that this could have happened by accident? If you believe so, you have to exercise an incredible amount of blind faith. Many secular scientists tried to argue against this for years, saying it still could happen, but more recently, they realized how unreasonable that view is.

I know what you are thinking… all the scientists realized how wrong they were, fell to their knees and started worshiping Jesus! That would be nice, but also not realistic, because the creation/evolution debate is not really an academic issue, but a spiritual one. Those who have decided to reject God will continue to explain away anything that doesn’t fit with their worldview and this topic is no exception.

So you are wondering… how do they try to get around this? They are very creative. They generally admit that the chance of all these factors being correct just by accident is virtually zero… if you are only considering this universe. However, they say there may be millions or even infinite number of universes out there, so it’s virtually certain that these factors will all fall in line in one of them. It just happens that we are in the one that was successful. They further point out that if the factors weren’t correct in our universe, we wouldn’t be here to be discussing it!

So is this a reasonable response? Many Christians don’t know how to respond and maybe even feel that they have a good argument. Let’s briefly look at this a bit further to expose the fallacy of this rejoinder.

You could simply ask… how do you know there are other universes? In reality, we cannot even see the edge of our own universe, let alone see “outside” of it to know there’s anything else out there. Even if we could see beyond the edge, how would we know that what we are seeing is not just another part of our own universe? There is no empirical basis for stating that there are other universes. It is purely philosophical and theoretical. The theoretical portion is related to an alleged event called “inflation” which is a key component of some Big Bang models that would predict multiple universes. Again, this is all theoretical and not backed by any empirical evidence. According to Dr. Paul Steinhardt (distinguished Professor of Physics at Princeton University) “…the inflationary paradigm is fundamentally untestable, and hence scientifically meaningless.” [Steinhardt, Paul, “Big Bang blunder bursts the multiverse bubble - Premature hype over gravitational waves highlights gaping holes in models for the origins and evolution of the Universe”, Nature, June 5, 2014]

I wrote an article recently regarding the alleged discovery of “gravitational waves” that were supposed to be the “smoking gun” evidence for some current views regarding the Big Bang. It turned out they were premature in making such grandiose claims. This find was also supposed to be support for the idea of infinite universes. I guess it’s “back to the drawing board” for them.

Even if somehow all of these factors could have happened by accident, they still have to explain (even given these perfect conditions) how life could form from non-living chemicals… in OUR universe (and not simply say it was bound to happen somewhere). In other words, they have to explain life given what we actually do know in our own universe and not just theorize some fortuitous necessary conditions in some other “hypothetical” extra-universe. The origin of life has been a barrier that has haunted evolutionists for years and years. So much so that many of them say, “It’s not our problem… we just deal with how one life form evolved into another.” In reality, it is their problem, because if they can’t even get life started, there will be nothing to evolve from one form into another!

So are there other universes out there? There’s certainly no scientific evidence for it; neither is there any biblical support. If someone wishes to believe in such a concept, they are free to do so, but it is clearly just a philosophical choice and certainly not one that is compelled by any evidence.


As with all of our other articles, much more could be said about this, but if you have any questions at about this article or any other issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time. We'd love to hear from you! You can even arrange a FREE ENGAGEMENT at your church, school, conference or camp.

Jay Seegert (Co-Founder & Principal Lecturer, Creation Education Center)

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