What if evolution is proven false?

/Content/files/Articles/QOTM-EvolutionProven.jpgI realize that many of you might be saying, “What do you mean ‘if’ evolution is proven false?  It already has been!”

Without getting into the technicalities, science doesn’t actually prove or disprove things, at least not when dealing with historical events such as origin issues.  No one was around to witness the origin of the universe, the origin of life or the origin of mankind and we cannot repeat these events or test them directly, so they fall outside the realm of “proof”.  We can construct models regarding what we believe occurred and then do experiments and gather data in the present to see which of these models seems to best fit our current observations.  We have to keep in mind, however, that current processes are not always adequate to explain something’s origin.

/Content/files/Articles/QOTM-GasLaw-1.jpgOne simple example is the operation of a refrigerator.  This common household appliance primarily works taking advantage of the Combined Gas Law, which explains that compressing gas gives off heat and expanding gas absorbs heat.  As the refrigerator’s compressor compresses the refrigerant gas, heat is given off (usually outside the back of the fridge).  The compressed gas is then routed inside the refrigerator where it is rapidly expanded, absorbing heat from the contents (milk, meat, eggs, etc.).  It is then rerouted back outside the fridge where it is recompressed, giving off the heat it acquired while inside.  And round and round the process goes. 

As capable as this law is at accounting for the OPERATION of the refrigerator, it is completely incapable of explaining the ORIGIN of the refrigerator.  Compressing and decompressing gases will not design or create a refrigerator!  It is similar when thinking of the origin of the universe.  The laws we have formulated do a great job of explaining the current functioning (or operation) of stars, galaxies and planets, and even lifeforms, but they are completely incapable of explaining the origin of each of these entities.

But I digress… back to our question.  I agree that evolution is false for many, many reasons.  However, what I have in mind by asking the question is what would it mean if the secular scientific community was convinced that evolution (i.e. molecules-to-man evolution) never happened?  Now I personally don’t believe this will ever occur, but what would it mean if it did?  Would it mean that the Bible is right?

Many Christian, consciously or subconsciously believe showing evolution to be false is also showing the Bible is true?  But is this necessarily so? 

When you think about it, just demonstrating the Big Bang cannot account for the origin of the universe, that chemicals cannot assemble themselves into a living cell and one form of life cannot change into something completely different, becoming more and more complex over time, would not mean the God of the Bible exists and that the Bible is His inspired Word.

Maybe there is a different god that created everything.  Maybe there were aliens that designed life as we know it.  The latter was actually the belief of Dr. Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the DNA molecule.  At first blush, these other views are seemingly viable options that would have to be explored further before being dismissed.

I share all of this to caution Christians not to view the creation vs. evolution controversy as the battle to end all battles.  It is not enough to simply show evolution is not valid.  That has actually been done numerous ways, but says very little as to the authenticity or accuracy of the Bible.  We must go further than demonstrating insurmountable challenges to evolutionary ideas and offer positive evidence and reasoning for the validity of the biblical narrative.  It is somewhat similar in political debates.  Party “A” simply shooting holes in the views of party “B”, does not demonstrate that the platform of party “A” is valid.

/Content/files/Articles/SuggestedResources-1.jpgIt can be helpful in many circles to be able to discuss serious problems with evolution, but let’s take it further and “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter 3:15)

One incredible resource we have for helping you with this is our DVD entitled “Is the Bible the Inspired Word of God?”  We also have a booklet covering this and a chapter in my book with similar information.

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