Is there any evidence of a global flood?

The Bible clearly states that there was a global, catastrophic flood during Noah’s time, roughly 1,700 years after creation (1,656 according to the genealogies).  Genesis 6-9 gives us the background and a fair amount of details regarding this extraordinary event.  I personally believe that the Bible is the inerrant inspired Word of God, so I have no doubt this is a literal historical event that changed the world forever.

However, many people don’t necessarily have the same view of the Bible and are more apt to be interested in the actual physical evidence.  So is there actually evidence for the Genesis flood?  In this brief answer, we will look at just of few of the many evidences that confirm the historical accuracy of the Bible’s account of the flood.  It is interesting to point out, just before delving into the geological evidence, that there are over 270 flood stories from cultures all around the world.  Certainly, some of them have become embellished over the years, but it stands as strong evidence for the reality of this event.  Let’s consider the following lines of physical evidence:


Massive Amounts of Sedimentary Layers

A worldwide flood would deposit massive layers of sedimentary rock all over the planet… and that’s just what we see.  TheGrand Canyonis the best place to see many of these layers because they are greatly exposed.  Some layers of sediment stretch across tremendous amounts of real estate, such as the Tapeat Sandstone which we see stretching from the Grand Canyon, across the US, up into Canada and all the way across the Atlantic into England!


Rapid Deposition

Historically, standard secular geologic models had us believing that these sedimentary layers accumulated slowly over hundreds of millions of years.  Further studies have clearly shown that most of these layers were deposited very rapidly. One example is that fact that these sedimentary layers contain literally billions and billions of fossils.  However, these fossils will only form if the original plants and animals were buried rapidly.  If a cow dies in the field today, other animals will eat the meat, leaving behind the bones, which will themselves eventually decay away and you’ll never even know the cow had been there.  On the other hand, if it gets buried rapidly, even though the flesh will decay away relatively quickly, the bones will last long enough to be converted into a fossil (which doesn’t take hundreds of thousands or millions of years).  The fact that these layers are filled with billions of fossils tells us they were deposited rapidly, not slowly over millions and millions of years.  (We even have fossils of fish that were in the process of eating other fish and giving birth!)


Folded Mountains

As another evidence of rapid deposition, we have greatly folded mountains and other sedimentary layers.  For example, the Tapeat Sandstone (in theGrand Canyon) contains sections that are folded 90 degrees!  If these layers were laid down over millions of years, they would have cracked and fractured as they were subsequently folded.  In reality, there is no evidence of cracking whatsoever.  These layers were laid down rapidly and while still soft, they were greatly folded, subsequently hardening into solid rock.


No Erosion Between Layers

As mentioned in the previous point, the actual evidence shows rapid deposition.  But if the layers themselves were laid down rapidly, you lose your evidence for “millions and millions of years” which is so crucial to the evolutionary story.  Recognizing this, secular geologists proposed that the time, while not being represented in the layers themselves, occurred in between the layers… where we see… nothing!  Generally speaking, they say each layer was indeed laid down rapidly, but then sat there for millions of years waiting for the next layer to be deposited. Therefore, all of the time is actually represented in between the layers.  However, if this were true, what would we expect to see?  Well, if a layer sat exposed for millions of years, we would see erosion, soil development, plant growth and bioterbation (i.e. burrowing affects of animals and worms, etc.).  In reality, we don’t see these.  We see flat, knife-edge boundaries between these layers and occasional evidence of very rapid erosion.


Marine Fossils High Above Sea Level

We have fossils of sea creatures all across the continents and in other places that are high above sea level, such as theGrand Canyon(over a mile above sea level)!  We even have marine fossils onMount Everest!  This only makes sense if there was a global flood (with these high mountains having been lower in the past and catastrophically raised at the end of the flood – see Psalm 104:6-9).


These are just a few of the physical evidences that there truly was a global flood and that once again, the biblical record is validated through science.

We read in 2 Peter 3:3-7 that in the last days, skeptics will be scoffing at the return of Christ.  It also says that these same people who doubt the second coming of Christ also are ignorant of God’s initial judgment in the past through the flood of Noah.  Peter actually predicted this phenomenon and it is exactly what we are seeing today.

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Author:  Jay Seegert  (Co-Founder & Principal Lecturer, Creation Education Center)

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