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What if evolution is proven false?

I realize that many of you might be saying, “What do you mean ‘if’ evolution is proven false?  It already has been!”Without getting into the technicalities, science doesn’t actually prove or disprove things, at least not when dealing with historical events such as origin issues.  No one was around to witness the origin of the universe, the origin of life or the origin of mankind and we cannot repeat these events or test them directly, so they fall outside … Continue Reading

What is a Silver Bullet argument?

Originating as a folklore tale, a silver bullet was believed to be able to kill the mythical “werewolf”.Today, the phrase "silver bullet" is used in various contexts.  Pertinent to our discussion is its reference to any argument to which there is no possible response... it's indisputable.  Theoretically, it single-handedly ends all debating because of how powerful it is.Many Christians are interested in learning a "silver bullet" argument for creation; one they can use anyt… Continue Reading

What is microevolution?

So here’s how the common argument goes…  “Sure, I believe in microevolution, but not macroevolution.”  Within the context of this discourse, the point being made is the person believes in small changes here and there, but not the big changes in which one type of animal turns into a different type (some will specifically say from one species into another).The implied definition here would be “microevolution” equals small changes within a species, a… Continue Reading

Should we teach creation in public schools?

“It’s just a matter of time… before it happens here (in the US).” That’s very often the sentiment when we observe what is happening over in Europe.  Last year (2014), the United Kingdom banned the teaching of “creation” in all their state-funded schools. This probably doesn’t sound so surprising, but this actually also includes their independent and “free-schools” which would be approximately equivalent to the private and Christia… Continue Reading

Are there other Earth-like planets out there?

Headlines from the Huffington Post’s science section (July 23, 2015) bolded stated… “Earth 2.0: Bad News for God” What’s behind this brash claim?  According to a NASA press release (also July 23), scientists believe they have discovered an Earth-like planet (about 60% bigger than Earth) orbiting its own star.  A key element to the story is not only the existence of the planet but that it lies in what they believe is the “habitable zone” of… Continue Reading

Are we slowly improving through evolution?

If a single cell evolved into a multi-celled organism, which then eventually evolved into plants, worms, fish, amphibians, reptiles, apes and humans (among other things along the way), what will we evolve into?According to evolution, life just keeps getting more and more complex, more and more advanced. So what can we expect for ourselves? Will we finally get that set of eyes in the back of our heads that would come in so handy (and that mom’s seem to already have)? Will we grow wings and … Continue Reading

Genesis Flood... More than just an interesting story?

Who doesn’t love a good story?  Charlotte's Web, The Swiss Family Robinson, Huckleberry Finn, Jack and the Beanstalk, etc.  And then there’s Noah’s ark and the flood… you gotta love that one, right? When you think of the word “story”, what comes to mind?  Generally, it’s an interesting conveyance of something made-up, a myth, a legend or a fairytale.  The Genesis flood is often seen by many Christian adults as nothing more than just… Continue Reading

Did dinosaurs evolve into birds?

When I give talks about dinosaurs, I often begin my presentation by asking the audience to participate in a mental exercise.  I tell them to picture taking out a blank piece of paper and then writing short bullet points, listing everything they know about dinosaurs.  It might be two or three things, or a whole page full.  Then I ask them, “Which of those things on your list do you actually ‘know’, versus just being something that you were taught?”  Mos… Continue Reading

Did the Big Bang just go bye-bye?

I’m not too big on overly sensational titles, but for this month’s question, I decided to use… an overly sensational title.When thinking about the origin of the universe, one of the first things that comes to most people’s minds is “the Big Bang”.  Our public schools and state universities teach about it, and there’s no shortage of magazine articles and television documentaries depicting staggeringly complex details of this alleged momentous event.… Continue Reading

Is there any evidence for evolution?

Last month we addressed a related question, “What is the best evidence for evolution?” Before addressing any serious questions about evolution we need to define what we mean by “evolution”.  I am referring not just to change over time, but to the idea of “molecules-to-man” evolution.  That is, non-living molecules formed a living cell, which then changed into human beings over a period of almost 4 billion years. As I often do with my questions, I w… Continue Reading

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