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What is the best evidence for evolution?

I am often asked this question and I think it is very interesting.  People who do not believe in evolution naturally might ask this question.  However, many people who do believe in evolution also ask this question, which might seem a bit odd.  If someone doesn’t know the best evidences for something they believe in, then in reality they are simply expressing a fair amount of “faith” on their part, generally feeling that since there are apparently other “sm… Continue Reading

The Theory of Everything… Really?

I’ve done a couple movie reviews lately (Noah and Exodus), but this article is not really intended to be a review as much as it is simply drawing attention the bigger picture regarding a key element in this movie.The Theory of Everything was released in theaters in November 2014 and portrays the life of Stephen Hawking (1942-present), who is considered to be one of the world’s leading theoretical physicists.  He also suffers from ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease), which currently c… Continue Reading

Is there life in outer space?

This month’s question just happens to be one of the most frequently asked questions as I speak with people about the creation vs. evolution controversy as well as “science & the Bible”. It’s a very interesting question for Christians… many of whom wonder what they are “supposed” to think about this.  Is there anything in the Bible that says there can’t be life out there?  Is there anything that says this definitely is life in outer … Continue Reading

What did the Pope just say about evolution?

It was not intentional, but this month’s question ties into the previous two months in that they each focus on statements made by figures of authority.  Last month was a leading Christian musical artist and the month before that was a prominent Hollywood actor. This month, we’re headed straight to the top (at least in many people’s minds).  We’ll be taking a look at some statements made by the Pope himself!  It is not my intention to turn this into a comme… Continue Reading

Were Adam & Eve real people?

Last month I mentioned how Hollywood stars can be a significant influence on the general public (good or bad).  In somewhat of a related fashion, this month’s question is in regard to the influence of Christian celebrities. Independent of whether or not we like their music, Christian artists can hold a lot of sway amongst their followers.  It’s human nature to want to think the best of people we highly esteem.  There is no question that pastors and other teachers of G… Continue Reading

Has God revealed Himself to us?

Hollywood stars can be a significant influence on the general public… in a positive or not so positive way. Some fans hang on their every word.  One particular celebrity made some interesting comments about God. The person I am referring to is Morgan Freeman.  He has appeared in numerous movies including “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”, “The Dark Knight”, “Driving Miss Daisy”, and “Invictus”.   He even played the role of… Continue Reading

What if my child has to take a class on evolution?

I often have concerned parents approach me asking what they should do when their child has to take a class on evolution. I understand their concern, but my answer is frequently not what they expect. Many of them hope I can give them advice on how they can have their son or daughter “opt-out” of the class because of their religious beliefs. I usually tell them that I want my own children to know as much about evolution as they can, so that they are better positioned to also become f… Continue Reading

Are there other universes out there?

This may seem like a strange question or maybe you have already wondered about it yourself. How would you respond if someone asked you this question? How would you respond if someone made the claim that there truly are other universes? Before I directly address the question, I want to share some very important background as to why this question has even arisen. Over the years, scientists have discovered numerous features of the world in which we live that are very precisely tuned. What do I m… Continue Reading

How do you KNOW the Bible is the inspired word of God?

The creation of the universe out of nothing, the global flood of Noah, the Tower of Babel, Daniel and the lion’s den, the virgin birth, resurrection and return of Christ… these are all things true Christians believe in. Why? Because the Bible tells us about these things (and certainly many others as well). That, however, leads to a very important question… “How do we know the Bible is the inspired word of God?” Interestingly, I meet a lot of Christians who have ne… Continue Reading

Were you once a fish?

I know… you were up all night wondering about this, weren’t you? Maybe not, but you should have been, according to evolutionists.Just last month (April 2014) an article was posted on the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s website entitled, “‘Your Inner Fish,’ with strong UW connections, premieres on PBS”In the article, Sean B. Carroll (professor of molecular biology) tells us, “…how our bodies have modified over the years from our fishy ancestors.” The article is a promotional for a new 3-week se… Continue Reading

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