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Should I send my child to a Christian college?

Have you ever started speaking and realized immediately that what you were going to share would most likely upset a number of people, but you felt compelled to say it anyway?I have found myself in that situation a few times, and writing this article will be one more occurrence. I am asking that each reader pay close attention to what I am actually saying and not what they think I might be saying or implying. It can be a touchy subject and I am going to handle it as delicately as possible.The spr… Continue Reading

Shouldn't we just focus on Jesus?

Here’s the full version of this month’s question… “Why are we even talking about creation?  Shouldn’t we just focus on Jesus?”I wish I had a million dollars for every time I’ve had someone ask me this.  (Yes, I know I’m supposed to say something more like “I wish I had a nickel for every time”, but I’ve worked the numbers and it turns out that I would be a lot wealthier if it was a million dollars, so that’s what I’m sticking with!)The larger context of this question is that many Christians thin… Continue Reading

Is there any scientific evidence for creation?

We are led to believe that evolution is all about facts and science, but creation is just a religious belief, making it completely faith-based. Many Christians are somewhat intimidated by such a scenario and don’t know exactly how to respond. We have addressed this situation from various angles in previous articles, but I would like to add one additional aspect that I feel is very important when countering this allegation. It is very simple, non-technical and is crucial to having a meaningful co… Continue Reading

How do you respond to people who say the Bible is not a science textbook?

You’ve probably heard the argument before… “You can’t take the Bible seriously when it comes to the creation account, because the Bible is not a science textbook!” I’ve personally not only heard skeptics make this claim, but even many Christians. The assumption is that since the Bible was not written in a scientific fashion, it isn’t accurate when it comes to origins or was never intended to convey truth about the beginning of the universe.First, let’s first address an initial question. Is it tr… Continue Reading

How do scientists date dinosaur bones?

You’ve seen them in the magazines, on television, in the museums and maybe you’ve even held one in your hands. We’re talking about dinosaur bones. A question that often arises is “How do scientists determine the age of a dinosaur bone?” That’s what we’ll briefly explore in this month’s article.Certain things in life seem obvious. We know, for instance, that fire is hot, the moon orbits the Earth and chocolate ice cream is much better than plain vanilla. Something else that most would consider be… Continue Reading

DNA in dinosaur bones?

The movie Jurassic Park (1993) was premised on the idea of cloning dinosaurs, which entailed finding dinosaur DNA in mosquitoes embedded in “ancient” amber.  This article isn’t a critique of the movie or an explanation of cloning, but rather, focuses on the question of the existence of dinosaur DNA.  One of the reasons we have not been able to clone a dinosaur is that it does require the presence of intact dinosaur DNA.  (It also would require an egg from a living dinosaur, which is another huge… Continue Reading

Was Jesus Really Born on Dec 25?

Every year our extended family celebrates the birth of my niece, Jessica, on Christmas day.  Why would we pick that day of all days?  Certainly we could have picked a day that wasn’t so busy and significant in and of itself.  We do so because she was actually born on December 25, so it actually makes a lot of sense.So why do we celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25?  Most people assume it is because that is when Christ was born.  However, most people are quite unaware that Jesus was most l… Continue Reading

Is it Possible to Know Anything for Certain?

Bob: “How are you getting to the football game tomorrow?” Dan: “Pete said he could pick me up at 6:00.” Bob: “Do you know for sure he’s giving you a ride?” Dan: “Yes, he said he would.” Bob: “But do you know 100% for certain that he will take you?” Dan: “Well, I can’t say I know for sure, but I certainly think so.”In this example of a typical conversation, Dan initially states that he knows something for sure, but then later admits that in reality, he’s not 100% certain.  He may be very con… Continue Reading

Has Science Made God Unnecessary?

A recent news article claimed that advances in modern science are making belief in God virtually unnecessary. Natalie Wolchover stated that, “Over the past few centuries, science can be said to have gradually chipped away at the traditional grounds for believing in God.” (“Will Science Someday Rule Out the Possibility of God?”,, September 18, 2012). The article also stated that, “there's good reason to think science will ultimately arrive at a complete understanding of the univer… Continue Reading

Is it crazy to "de-Nye" evolution?

Recently, Bill Nye (from the popular PBS children’s television show “Bill Nye the Science Guy”) posted a YouTube video in which he belittles those who say they deny evolution.  This month’s question will be a partial response to a few of his comments.  It would take a lot more space to do it justice, so I am only going to focus on a few key statements. In order to appropriately address this issue, we must first define what we mean by “evolution”.&… Continue Reading

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