Were you once a fish?

I know… you were up all night wondering about this, weren’t you? Maybe not, but you should have been, according to evolutionists.

Just last month (April 2014) an article was posted on the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s website entitled, “‘Your Inner Fish,’ with strong UW connections, premieres on PBS

In the article, Sean B. Carroll (professor of molecular biology) tells us, “…how our bodies have modified over the years from our fishy ancestors.” The article is a promotional for a new 3-week series entitled, “Your Inner Fish” and “explores the evolutionary ancestry of humans, looking at how fins became hands, gills became part of the inner ear and more.”

It is not my intention within this particular article to highlight all of the numerous genetic and physiological problems with this “fish-to-folks” fairytale. I am only using it to draw attention to a larger problem as a whole… that people are willing to believe just about anything, as long as it fits within their worldview and doesn’t cause them to have to answer to a higher authority. It reminds me of a personal story from a number of years ago. I was in a discussion with a co-worker who knew I was a Christian and would often strike up conversations in which he would challenge me. One day he started telling me about a certain prophecy by Nostradamus. He told me the prediction made seemed to be fairly close to what actually ended up happening. I chose not to comment specifically on problems with this particular prediction, but rather just to say, “Very interesting, kind of impressive” and then continued on with a related question. I said, “What would you say if I knew of a source that made not just a few vague predictions, but hundreds of very specific predictions covering numerous people, places and events and they all came true in the minutest detail?” He stared at me with a puzzled, but very excited look and asked, “What source is that?” I replied, “The Bible!” He said, “The Bible? Oh, I should have known better!” and he stormed off.

It’s not that people don’t want the truth, it’s more that they don’t want the truth to be the Bible.

No doubt, this new PBS television special will be filled with lots of “just-so” stories, impressive graphics, credentialed scientists and eloquent narrative, but will lack any real substance…and any real science. If you get a chance to see the documentary, be watchful for all the “fuzzy statements” such as “could have,” “might have,” “probably,” “possibly,” and others. In our current educational system which focuses greatly on teaching “what to think” rather than training students “how to think” (i.e. developing critical thinking skills), this type of a series will be uncritically accepted as further proof of evolution. In reality, it will be just another fanciful story lacking any true science.

In closing, it’s interesting to note that evolutionists believe we evolved from fish, perhaps because food was becoming scarce in the oceans, so they were forced to evolve and adapt to life on land. An associated problem with this nice story is explaining the origin of sea mammals such as whales. As the current story goes, certain land mammals (perhaps cows), after having evolved from fish, stared wondering back into the oceans, spending more and more time there, eventually evolving into whales! For me, I’ll

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Jay Seegert (Co-Founder & Principal Lecturer, Creation Education Center)

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