Our Ministry


(Note to pastors and others in leadership… please see Must Read!)

The Creation Education Center is a non-profit* organization established in 2007 to address the challenge from the secular world regarding the validity and accuracy of the Bible, especially the creation account as described in the book of Genesis.

There is a daily barrage of information coming from the secular media, mainstream science publications and public school system that is in direct conflict with the straight-forward teachings of the Bible. All too often Christians are intimidated by this onslaught and are confused as to how to address this heated and very significant controversy. More often than not, it is the view of the Bible that is compromised in order to mesh with the “latest findings”.   Sadly, 50-75% of Christian students end up walking away from the church before they leave college.  They are not being sufficiently grounded in God’s word and are rarely ever able to defend their faith.

The primary purpose of this ministry is to assist churches and other organizations (such as schools, camps and conferences, etc.) in instructing people regarding the authority of God’s Word.  We place a significant emphasis on Genesis because it sets the foundation for the rest of Scripture and is attacked arguably more than any other area.

As part of this effort, we will help Christians answer questions such as:

  • How do we know the Bible is the inspired Word of God?
  • Who created God?
  • Is there life in outer space?
  • Where did all the water go after the flood?
  • How do dinosaurs fit into the Bible?
  • Where did all the ‘races’ come from?
  • Why do so many scientists believe in evolution?
  • Is evolution “science” and creation just “religion”?
  • Have scientists proven evolution is true?
  • How can I share and defend my faith with others?

We help Christians to see the Bible as actual history, as opposed to just a collection of somewhat disconnected stories, largely irrelevant to their lives and void of any real academic or scientific credibility. While primarily focusing on aiding churches and other Christian-based groups, we also offer presentations that are geared more towards the “seeker” and “un-churched”.  Our presentations are always very encouraging and graciously presented, strengthening the faith of those within the body of Christ, while compassionately challenging those who are skeptical or seeking.

While we deal significantly with issues related to the defense of the authority of God’s Word, the over-riding emphasis is the Gospel of Christ.

*We are non-profit, tax-deductible 501(c)3 organiztion. All donations made are considered tax-deductible by the US Treasury . See Donations for details.