For Pastors (and others)

“But It’s Too Controversial – Too Divisive!”

Even though we are the “Creation Education Center”, the central focus of our ministry is not about science or even Genesis. It’s about the Gospel message, the authority of God’s Word, building up of believers and offering gracious challenges to the sincere skeptic. We have chosen to tackle the creation/evolution controversy because it is one of the greatest reasons people doubt the authority, inspiration and trustworthiness of the Bible… having the impression that science has somehow disproven Scripture, specifically the creation account.

Proclaiming that God is “creator of all” is not something that the vast majority of pastors would hesitate to boldly pronounce from their pulpit, so what is the cause for such great hesitation when it comes to preaching about the Genesis creation account?  In my opinion, it is the following:

Without question, the most potentially controversial aspect of the biblical creation message is in regard to the interpretation of the “days” of Genesis 1, specifically whether the Earth is relatively “young” or “old”.  I have personally spent over 29 years studying this issue from both a biblical and scientific viewpoint.  Does that make me right?  No, it just means that I better have an opinion by now.  I am more convinced than ever that the “days” of creation were literal solar days, not figurative grammatical constructs or extended periods of millions or billions of years each. However, this is NOT the focal point of our ministry. We do not come in with both guns blazing, stating that if you don’t accept this, you are probably not really a Christian. When the topic surfaces, whether as part of one of our talks or during a Q&A session, we share our personal convictions, but always challenge the audience members to not simply believe what is being presented, but challenge everything by studying Scripture on their own and allowing the Holy Spirit to convict; never relying on so-called “experts” for determining biblical truth, not even our ministry. All topics and questions are always handled with an extreme amount of grace, tact and compassion.

We believe that when the issue of origins and the meaning and interpretation of Genesis are not appropriately addressed within the church, the church body is given the impression that…

  1. since the issue is not being addressed, the leadership must not be confident in their understanding.
  2. if even the leadership can’t quite figure it out, there’s no way the average layperson will ever be able to get a handle on it.
  3. if it’s that hard to understand, it must not be very important to God, otherwise He would have worded it differently.

This progression discourages Christians to truly study God’s Word personally and makes them much more likely to also disregard or disbelieve other passages that may seem contrary to current academic thought.  They will also be more susceptible to believing falsehoods, especially in light of the words of Jesus himself, "You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.” (Matthew 22:29)

We believe that all Scripture is not only inspired, but also useful (2 Timothy 3:16), including the first few chapters of Genesis, which are truly foundational to the Christian faith.  We simply help believers to better understand how they can confidently trust what they read.  With the power of the Holy Spirit, they don’t have to solely rely on “experts” to tell them what to believe, even though God regularly uses very gifted and Spirit-filled men and women to help us grow in our faith, ultimately driving us deeper and deeper into His Word.

Along the way, we also help remove the intimidation factor often associated with discussions of modern science and the Bible.  We clearly demonstrate that it's not as complicated as we are led to believe and that you don't have to have an advanced degree in science to convey a powerful and effective defense of the Christian worldview.